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Trinnov Home Theater & HiFi

Postby NekoAudio on Mon Sep 02, 2019 8:38 pm

I'm very pleased to announce we are now carrying Trinnov's world-reknowned home theater and 2-channel Hi-Fi products! Trinnov has been a leader in speaker and room optimization technology for many years, and their spatially-aware optimization software is used by audiophile enthusiasts as well as professional studios and cinemas.

For home theater, Trinnov offers the Altitude series of processors, Amplitude multi-channel amplifiers, and the out-board Magnitude optimization processor. For 2-channel setups, there is the Amethyst network streaming DAC and optimizer, and out-board ST2-HiFi optimization processor.

For more information about Trinnov visit their web site or check out some of their featured installations.
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