LUMIN Music creates modern, easy to use network streamers compatible with a wide range of streaming music services. The native iOS and Android apps are a breeze to use, and you can also use any compatible UPnP software on your personal computer. LUMIN's continuous development program provides software updates free of charge. Above all, LUMIN products provide an outstanding musical experience.

X1 X1 ES9038PRO
T3 T3 ES9028PRO
D3 D3 ES9028PRO Compact
D2 D2 WM8741 Compact
U2 U2 Streamer
U2 Mini U2 Mini Compact Streamer
P1 P1 Streaming DAC+Preamp
AMP AMP Class AB Amp
L2 L2 Music Server
X1 PSU X1 PSU Power Supply Upgrade
IR IR IR Control Package