Soulution 330

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The 525 preamplifier is a dual-mono design incorporating much of the technology found in the 725 for perfect level and phase accuracy. The audio section is physically separated from the power supply and digital circuits, with additional shielding to reduce potential interference.

Volume control is performed using relay-switched metal foil resistors. A secondary PGA-based volume control is temporarily used when changing the volume to avoid clicking noises or potentially harmfal volume peaks while switching relays.

Amplification is based on the same technology used in the Series 5 ampifiers, and is a dual-mono design with dedicated power supplies, for optimal channel separation. The result is a beautiful three-dimensional soundstage.

Home theater bypass is supported. Optional phono and DAC modules are available.

Front panel buttons and rotary encoder can be used to control and configure the 330. The LINK (remote turn-on) connection can be connected to other Soulution products.