Soulution 701

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The 701 monoblock amplifiers are a significant upgrade over the already outstanding previous generation 700. Extreme speed with ultra-wide bandwidth and high current capability delivers accurate and precise music reproduction with velocity, stability, and power.

The two internal amplifier channels can be used in mono- or dual-mode operation. In dual-mode, the input signal is reproduced on the two output connections. In mono-mode the wo channels are bridged, with optimized construction ensuring both circuits are perfectly balanced and share identical thermal conditions with ideal grounding.

A new power supply consisting of four units of 600VA with >1 full Farad of capacitance supports peak current output of >120A and peak power output of >12,000W. All of this ensures effortless playback of the most complex musical passages regardless of the speaker load.

Front panel buttons and rotary encoder can be used to control and configure the 727. The LINK (remote turn-on) connection can be connected to other Soulution products.