Vivid Audio GIYA G1 Spirit

GIYA G1 Spirit
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The GIYA G1 Spirit is Vivid Audio's flagship loudspeaker featuring all of their technologies implemented to the maximum extent. A true 4-way system with five separate drivers for seamless, transparent sound with incredible detail.

With the largest internal volume of all GIYA speakers, its two reaction-cancelling bass drivers and ports result in the greatest bass performance of all the Vivid Audio speakers. The mid-range and high frequency drivers utilize tapered tube loading with super flux magnets to eliminate unwanted resonances and coloration. Likewise the catenary dome structure reinforced with a ring of carbon fibre increases stiffness and pushes the break-up frequencies higher. The cabinets are constructed of vacuum-infused glass-reinforced composite and shaped for high rigidity and minimal coloration.

The G1 Spirit is also available in an optional active crossover configuration for the ultimate in musical expression.

Standard finishes of piano black, lexus pearl white, and pearl white, with bespoke finishes available by request.


  • glass reinforced balsa core composite chassis
  • HF: D26 26mm metal dome
  • Mid: D50 50mm metal dome
  • Lower-mid: C125-75s 125mm alloy/carbon dome with 75mm voice coil
  • Bass: 2x C225-100 225mm alloy dome with 100mm voice coil
  • optional active crossover configuration