D100 Mk2 24-bit Stereo DAC 30-Day Free Trial

D100 Perspective D100 Front D100 Rear D100 Interior
D100 Mk2 Stereo DAC (xlr) $1495
D100 Mk2 Stereo DAC (rca) $1495

Prepare to hear music like you've never heard it before. Silky smooth with incredible detail so transparent you can hear the sheet music turn. Imaging so precise you'll swear you're sitting in front of the orchestra. Until you've heard your favorite songs through the D100 Mk2, you haven't been hearing them at all.

The D100 Mk2 stereo digital to analog converter is a cost-no-object fully balanced dual-mono design utilizing a zero-feedback pure passive analog output stage for the most accurate and precise sound.

Discover Music Again.