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SME Limited Dealer

Postby NekoAudio on Wed May 10, 2017 5:25 pm

This is an announcement I am thrilled about because we've been using their products in our reference setup for a couple of years now. Neko Audio is now an authorized dealer for SME Limited's turntables and tonearms! :D

SME is known for producing "the world's best tonearm", the Series V, and "the best turntable of all time", the Model 30/2. An SME setup will provide you with the highest standard of analog playback for a lifetime.

Our 2-channel setup features a Model 20/3 turntable with the Series V tonearm, that we have calibrated the arm and cartridge using the acclaimed Adjust+ software and other reference test records. The result is musical bliss.

More information covering the full range of SME products is available on our web site.
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