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Prism Sound CALLIA

Postby NekoAudio on Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:04 pm

Since designing the original Neko Audio D100 several years ago, we've had the privilege of listening to many different DACs. It's a rare occasion when you come across something in your quest for the "right" sound that makes you say, "I can finally stop looking." If you're lucky it may happen once a decade. I finally came across one of these recently, with the Prism Sound CALLIA. :D

And so I'm extremely excited to announce we are now the West Coast dealer for the CALLIA DAC! Drop by with a copy of your favorite music and hear the CALLIA in our 2-channel reference setup. Combined with the neutral, musical, and oh-so-realistic Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk2 speakers and the incredibly tight and smooth sounding Bryston 4B3 amplifier, you will experience all of the clarity and detail of a digital system coupled with the excitement and energy one finds in an analog setup.

For more details, check out the Prism Sound CALLIA on our web site.
Wes Miaw, Neko Audio LLC
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